Wife Does Chores Despite Migraine. It Gives Her Husband a Wake-Up Call About What He Hasn’t Done in a Year

Mark and Crystal Lawing have been married for over 30 years.

A year ago, they moved to a new house in Spartanburg, South Carolina, after Mark became the pastor at the Airport Baptist Church.

Image Credit: Mark Lawing

However, it wasn’t until last week — when his wife was suffering a debilitating migraine — that Mark realized he hadn’t been much help to Crystal in the year they had lived in their new home.

He wrote on Facebook:

“A shout out to my wife. She has had a severe migraine since yesterday. So in less than 24 hours the dishes were stacked up, and the clothes piled high.”

Quickly realizing that he needed to give his wife a hand, Mark decided he would do the dishes and cook them dinner. He was instructed by Crystal long ago that under no circumstance should he ever do laundry again.

Image Credit: Mark Lawing

Of course, despite suffering through a migraine, Crystal started doing the dishes herself:

“I helped her finish them and then I cooked supper. Instant potatoes and turkey and gravy out of the freezer into the microwave. Yep, that is about the best I can do.”

As Mark began making their dinner, he realized that everything he did that night to help out his wife were tasks he hasn’t done since moving into their new home:

“As I was cooking, I realized that I have not cooked or washed a dish since we moved over a year ago. We might get on each other’s nerves on a daily basis, but I am sure glad I married her over 30 years ago.

She is a wonderful mother to my 2 children and a wonderful grammy to my grandchildren. She keeps the house clean, fed, clothed, and running smoothly. Well, as smoothly as it can with what she has to work with.”

He continued by thanking God for bring Crystal into his life:

“I might be the one in the pulpit every Sunday but she is as much a part of what God is doing at Airport Baptist Church as I am. God knew I needed a strong-willed woman for Him to use in my life to conform me into the image of His Son.”

Together, Mark and Crystal — who got married when they were just 18 years old — have a special needs son Jonathan and a daughter Jillian. Mark tells Independent Journal Review that his wife has always been the one to make sacrifices for their family:

“Crystal was and is an amazing mom doing whatever and sacrificing whatever she had to for her kids. She went back to school and graduated with her BA in Human Services in 2003 from Montreat College.”

Then when it was time for Mark to go back to school, Crystal learned to juggle home life and work life so her husband could achieve his dreams:

“She juggled family, special needs son, work, and a husband that was always gone, either at school or at work. She is an amazing, strong willed, and loyal mother and wife.”

And while things have not always been easy in their over 30 years together, Mark tells Independent Journal Review that they’ll always be committed to each other.

Thankfully, Crystal started feeling better, and asked Mark to go pick up their granddaughters, so she could continue making memories with them by baking brownies together.

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